Memento Vivere 

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A child is a sense of life and a hope for the future generation of each couple. Children make life truly bright and happy giving parents incomparable emotions. What should be done when a disease or infertility is an obstacle to birth?

We will support and help you!

Memento Vivere is a fund that brings people who care for each other together. Each of them is trying to give a piece of his/her soul for the sake of reproduction and life continuation.

Memento Vivere is a charity that aims to help participants of medical programs to overcome human infertility. Its methods and tools are moral and psychological support, building relationships, organizational support, specialized and professional advice on social assistance.

Representatives of the Memento Vivere Fund are people of all ages and professions, beginners and experts, all those who are willing to devote themselves to the noble cause by the call of conscience.

Our colleagues are medical and social workers, psychologists and educators, lawyers and other experts, representatives of different social classes and cultures. The fund is open to all good people who can somehow require or give help.

Taking into account medical statistics of infertility the fund primarily invites specialists in reproduction and embryology, female donors of gametes, women who may bear the child for the biological parents (surrogacy), and social workers to participate in its activities. The fund is open to any needs or just questions of coupls and single people are faced with problems of infertility, and still have a dream of their own child.

The assets of the fund are created by donations from individuals and organizations. These assets are fully used for the needs of the participants of reproductive health programs. Charitable Fund programs provide extensive assistance to couples and singles, donors and women who are bearing a child.

Everyone is going to find something useful for him- or herself on our pages and can also write to us or call.

The idea of the site is accompanied by paintings that extol in his work life in all its glory. Today - a fine art painter Alexei Zaitsev. We are also happy to post online pictures and other selected artists and offered you.

"Remember to live!"

Sincerely yours, the whole team of Memento Vivere fund.